Rush Essay Review

Nowadays, there are so many online writing services that you don’t even know who to turn to. This is why we decided to provide you with a review based on the services offered by RushEssay in an attempt to keep you informed of your choices

In order to do that, we will take many things into consideration such as the testimonials they provided, the customer reviews we found on various platforms and the way in which our own order received from them was handled. This is a summary of what we have discovered.
What They Offer Us
Rush Essay has been on the essay market for an average of 15 years, providing academic services to a large number of students. Upon an inspection of their service list, we saw that they offered standard essays, annotated bibliographies, research papers and all similar services stretching to thesis and dissertation writing. They also seem to offer career services such as CV and resume writing, along with editing and proofreading. However, upon our inspection, we noticed that they do not offer admission or scholarship essays, nor did we find any evidence of personal statements.
What Quality Should We Expect
To test the quality of the papers ourselves, we placed an order for a 10-page chemistry research paper with 4 sources. We didn’t have the option to pick an academic level – however, we were met with the ‘opportunity’ to pay some extra money to have our paper written by an advanced writer. We chose not to take that option, and the rest of the order went smoothly (although it was mostly because we weren’t asked for too much information). Here is the result of our analysis on RushEssay.
• The paper came before the due date.
• It had average spelling and grammar, but we did notice some awkward word choices and phrasings that could have been written better. We believe that the writer was not native in the English language.
• A source from the four that we requested was obviously not of a scholar level.
Upon reading some reviews, we noticed that we weren’t the only ones facing this problem. While the testimonials we found on their website were all positive, the ones on review sites were complaining of faulty language and late deliveries.
The Price We’ll Pay
We paid for our paper a total of $229. We found this rather expensive compared to the prices on other websites, and there is also the fact that we didn’t opt for any additional upgrades. They do have some discounts available, going from 15% to newcomers to the “step up” discounts that loyal users accumulate. We found a promo code and coupon codes on other websites, but we are not certain of their veracity. We suggest that you discuss them with a staff member before trying to use them.
In conclusion, we offer a rating of “Fair” to “Poor.” While we are pretty confident it is not fraud or scam, there are obviously far better companies out there.